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Wednesday, February 15

There May Be Life Inside Black Holes

This is from NewScientist (which requires a subscription)

There is a way for you to live inside a black hole: find one that has five dimensions.

In the 4D case, you would experiance "tidal" forces that vary so vastly over short distances that your body would be pulled apart. But in the 5D case, there is no physical plughole, and the tidal forces are negligible, so you could happily explore without fear of dismemberment.

And, according to the results of my research, you may be doing that right now. A mathematical analysis says that our universe may well be a 5D black hole....

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Blogger Jobe said...

I have a theory on black holes..... life may or may not have life in them as you mention, but I do think you would live for a very long time, if not forever, if you get caught in a blackhole.
My reasoning is this: nothing can escape a black hole, not even light. And I would venture to say not even time can escape a black hole. So if you get caught in a black hole's event horizon, you will live forever.

2:27 AM


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